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Nipple/Areola Micropigmentation for Breast Reconstruction

When all or part of the nipple/areola complex is lost due to mastectomy, lumpectomy, gender reassignment or other breast surgeries, a new 3D nipple/areola can be created in the skin with modern tattooing techniques.

Rebeca is an artist with a background in fine art and with a vast range of colours at her disposal, so she can give you a very natural and realistic looking 3D tattoo. Either a tattoo that has the appearance of anatomical form on flat skin, or if a nipple protrusion has been created surgically, Rebecca can implant pigment into the reconstructed nipple to give it colour and/or camouflage any scarring.

The nipple/areola complex is extremely varied not only in colour, but size and all the individual features that make it unique to the owner. To help create realism, individual features such as montgomery glands, creases, wrinkles and highlights can be added and all the specific characteristics of the nipple, be it a protrusion or inversion, are taken into account.

We use specifically designed permanent inks, so this is a lifetime tattoo. Most treatments are completed across two sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

If you have suffered the loss of a nipple/areola, then you deserve the best.  Let Rebecca help you complete the journey you have been on.

Areola and Reconstructed Nipple Re-Pigmentation

3D Nipple/Areola Tattooing after skin but non-nipple sparing mastectomy