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feel great, inside and out


Client who had 3D nipple and areola tattoos done by Rebecca

Rebecca has given me 3D nipple and areola tattoos to each breast, as I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction for cancer.  I am very satisfied with how these tattoos have turned out.  Rebecca was at all times excellent at communicating and dealing with all the queries I had before and during this process.  I had radiation to my left side and the skin there did not respond as well to the process but I am still very happy.  It took me about a year to complete the four tattooing sessions with Rebecca as I felt I needed time between each session to fully heal physically and mentally.  I followed the aftercare instructions very carefully and each time the tattoos healed easily and quickly. I hadn't ever had a tattoo before and Rebecca's vigilance throughout each procedure ensured it was either painless or very nearly so. Rebecca is someone who has a passion for this work and I felt cared very deeply about how I experienced the process and its results.  I had been offered nipple reconstruction and tattooing at the hospital but deliberately sought out 3D tattoos as I was keen not to need to wear a bra if I chose in summer.  Rebecca was able to give me the skin tone I wanted in the pigments and we did not need to change these much as the tattoos developed over the sessions.  I would not hesitate to recommend this procedure and Rebecca to you as this tattooing experience has been one that overall I enjoyed and has enhanced me.

Client who had her previous Eyebrow tattooing refreshed by Rebecca

I am absolutely thrilled with my brows. They are completely transformed.  They are beautiful .. so sexy.  It was so much less painful than my past experience (with another technician). The difference between quality and non-quality service is remarkable.  Thank you Rebecca!

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

My new ombré brows have given me a lot more confidence. I used to worry so much about my brows and how they looked. It always took me so long to draw them on and I find it hard to see without my glasses. Now I feel really good and best of all I wake up with my brows on my face in the morning, not my pillow!

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

I love my new ombré brows! I had virtually no eyebrows left. But my new brows have really (really) changed my life. I live over an hour and a half away, but I came to see Rebecca Fisher because she is an artist. A true artist. An artist who is passionate, creative and has meticulous attention to detail. That’s the kind of person I wanted to do my brows. You can’t afford to get them wrong, there’s no room for error at all. Rebecca went to university with my daughter where they both studied Fine Arts (I’m a very proud Mum and know just how hard getting through a degree like that is, but they were both awarded First Class Honours – that’s something, it really is). What I also love about Rebecca is that this isn’t just a job for her, she is making art and this is where she taps into her creative side, she works with people and spends time drawing and getting the shape that’s right for you. Artists spend time, love and energy perfecting their craft, that’s why I came to Rebecca Fisher. And I am really glad I did.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

I really enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful, professional and warm way. Thank you for looking after me, you came with great recommendations.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

Thrilled and feeling liberated from the perils of a brow pencil!

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

I was sitting in my favorite cafe and came across your advertisement and I knew immediately that I wanted you to work on my eyebrows. I loved the amount of education and experience you have and I was looking for someone who knew what they were doing. One never knows what they are getting themselves into and I can confidently say that having you do my eyebrows was an uplifting and positive experience for me. I’m at a time in my life where I needed a self confidence boost, and it’s amazing how much better my new eyebrows made me feel. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank-you for your professionalism, your knowledge and your expertise. You took extremely good care of my needs, and your attention to hygiene protocol was impressive. I look up to and admire strong women who are making other women feel better and happier. Your attention to detail was appreciated and I absolutely love my new brows.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

5 stars to Rebecca – her attention to detail in every aspect from full procedural explanation to care and comfort during treatment to client aftercare is exemplary – thoroughly recommend.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

You make me feel good. I love my new brows.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

I finally got the courage up to make an appointment with this beautiful lady. Although I was nervous about the whole process, Rebecca made me feel at ease. A very meticulous artist that provides physical, mental and spiritual healing with her art. Thank you so much for making me feel better about my appearance both physically and mentally. We are very blessed to have you in the Wairarapa.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

I recently had the pleasure and I say pleasure of having my eyebrows cosmetically tattooed by Rebecca Fisher. Being an older woman on the down side of fifty I wrestled with the decision, to do or not to do ... what if I look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’? What if it hurts like crazy? What if I end up looking like a character from the Muppet Show with caterpillar eyebrows? Yes, there were a lot of ‘what if’s’ for Rebecca to kindly and with such professional care console, reassure and guide me through. Rebecca is not a back yard tattooist who has tacked on this procedure to make an extra buck, oh no! She is not rough, nor is she rushed. She is wonderfully engaging, stopping to listen and respond accordingly, asking many key questions that point to the professional training she has undertaken and even her own personal experience to ensure you have the very best service and result expected. And to top it all off, she also has a two-pronged numbing approach to help make the whole experience much more comfortable. It’s a fabulous clinic that is warm and relaxing. There is beautiful soulful music to pass the time away and even a cozy throw to settle in with. What would I change? Nothing...ok maybe I would like to sleep in there LOL! Would I recommend Rebecca? Yes!  Will I be back? 0h yes. My brows now frame my face in a way that suits my personality, and how I feel, no more terrible penciling attempts! It’s very liberating to be free from such time-wasting morning tasks. All my ‘what if’s’ have gone. And the only thing left ……  is my beautiful sassy brows and a now bigger smile. Thank you Rebecca.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

Lovely Rebecca has given me my eyebrows back! I did approach this with a little trepidation but was pleasantly surprised, a lovely calm clinic, beautiful surroundings, perfect to relax. Rebecca puts you at ease and is very thorough and professional, shape and colour are chosen with care, the final choice is yours, I’m glad I made the choice. Many thanks Rebecca.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

Loved my experience today. Rebecca is definitely an expert in her field!

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

Totally love my new ombré brows by Rebecca Fisher, a new style and shape with an awesome new technique. I love how Rebecca keeps ahead of the game in treatments, I’ve total confidence in her skill and quality as a technician. Would not choose anyone else.

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

Where do I start?!!! I arrived at Rebecca’s embarrassed, insecure and unhappy! I left encouraged, hopeful, confident, relaxed and happy. Rebecca was friendly, positive, open and kind which settled my anxiety making me feel comfortable! I was so impressed by the whole experience from start to finish I could not fault it. Never have I ever experienced this level of professionalism! Rebecca is the only professional that has ever gone above and beyond my expectation!

Client who had Eyebrow tattooing

As a recent client of Rebecca Fisher I would like to highly recommend her as a paramedical and cosmetic tattoo artist. Rebecca operates her business in a very professional manner, and also explains the procedures she intends to perform clearly and honestly. At my first appointment I was very impressed with the way she made me feel about the eyebrow treatment I was intending to receive. Naturally, I was apprehensive about the "unknown", but Rebecca reassured me in a gentle and positive way, and I was then able to trust her completely to carry out the treatment she had recommended for my eyebrows. At all times whilst receiving the treatment Rebecca made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Also her "after care" instructions were very clearly explained by her, and that is most important to me as a client.  As a result of her professionalism my eyebrows now look fantastic, and I am proud to show them off - not hide them like I did before Rebecca skillfully and artistically "renewed" them for me. Thank you Rebecca.

Client who received Nipple/Areola tattooing

After recovering from a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction I was feeling overwhelmed that every time I would bathe I would have this constant reminder of what I had been through (I was unable to keep my nipples). I thought I would get used to seeing myself without nipples in time…... almost 2 years passed and I hadn’t!

One day I was scrolling through FB and came across Rebecca's article that had been in the newspaper. I emailed Rebecca "Bex" immediately. It did not take long for a response from Bex and from the word go she put my mind at ease and was the most caring and understanding. Needless to say subsequent appointments were made and nothing was too much bother. Her professionalism balanced with compassion is second to none!

As for her works of art.... they are far more than I could have dreamed of. Bex always explained what to expect and that everyone’s body/skin heals differently.

On visiting my Plastic Surgeon who is VERY particular about her work, she was so impressed with the 3D nipples that she has requested the medical photographer to take photos for her reference.

Rebecca's talent and genuine care of me was/is overwhelming. I will always be indebted to her, as now when bathing etc I feel complete!

Client who had Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

“Hi Bex - I just want to say that your micropigmentation treatment has truly changed my life for the better, as you know about seventeen years ago I was trapped in a house fire and despite many surgical procedures I was left with extensive hair loss and scarring. For many years I wore a hairpiece to cover up my patchy and scarred scalp which in turn affected my confidence and my sense of wellbeing. Although the majority of my body is covered in scarring, it has always been the scarring to my scalp and the subsequent hairpiece that I found the hardest to cope with, as I felt it restricted my freedom and always gave me a sense of embarrassment.

Earlier this year I undertook scalp micropigmentation treatment (SMP) with you and I can honestly say that your treatment has changed my life completely. I no longer wear a hairpiece as the scalp micropigmentation has given me the appearance of having a short buzz haircut instead of the white patchy scarring that was apparent previously. I am so happy with the results, my family and friends have also commented on how happy I now look and act. I feel that I have regained a sense of freedom and confidence that was missing before and it is all thanks to you.

Thanks again your treatment and service is amazing.”

Client who had Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

It is with great satisfaction that I find myself writing this letter of recommendation for Rebecca Fisher.  Rebecca is outstanding; as my procedures progressed she went 'above and beyond' what I could have imagined as being in the realms of possibiity.  Rebecca helped with the design and look I wanted to achieve.

Her clinic is a very comfortable environment and the SMP procedures are done in a professional manner.  I would certainly recommend Rebecca Fisher for Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

The Scalp Micropigmentation procedure is special for most of us who experience the ordeal of hair loss.  It's the most suited technique for any degree of baldness.  But, only a specialist like Rebecca Fisher can achieve the right result (Specialist) within the right budget (Transparency) at the right time (It's her  turf).

So 'thumbs up'.  You are the best. Thanks heaps. Paul

Client who had Eyebrow and Lip tattooing

“Rebecca Fisher is such an incredibly talented woman.  I discovered her skills a few months ago when I got eyebrow tattoos.  Having had minimal brows which I could do nothing with, I am now super happy to have defined beautiful brows that are low maintenance and always look amazing.  This has made a huge difference to me.  Bex has also done my lip tattooing for me, defining the lines of my lips, adding pigment and doing scar correction to them also.  I love all your work Bex and know the Wairarapa is super lucky to have such skill and talent available.”

Client who received Featherstroke Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoos

"Hi Rebecca

Just wanted to thank you for boosting my confidence with my new eyes! My eyebrows have given my face a youthful look now and it’s great that I have a shape outlined that I can continue on with. My eye liner looks amazing – I don’t need to worry about it running or it being wonky anymore. I just apply some foundation and lip gloss and I’m good to go in the mornings. Your perfection and eye for detail was outstanding and this shows with the outcome of my eyes. Thank you for your professional and friendly manner before, during and after the whole procedure. Your lovely clean rooms create a warm and relaxed atmosphere which helped put me at ease. I’m really enjoying showing off my new eyes designed by Rebecca Fisher!”

Client who received an Eyeliner tattoo

 “As a 73 year old grandmother with white hair and eyes sensitive to most make up products, Rebecca discussed the idea of having tattooed eyeliner.  Rebecca was totally professional and instantly put me at ease.  Her clinic is in her home garden in a lovely rural setting.

I was very apprehensive prior to the procedure and the tattooing session was slightly "uncomfortable". However after 48 hours my eyes were completely fine and I was thrilled with the results!

I feel quite "glamorous", look less tired, and do not have to worry that the latest eye makeup product I have bought will cause a reaction of sore "puffy” eyes.

I returned for a "top up" after 4 weeks and was completely comfortable as I knew what to expect.  I will certainly continue to have "top ups" as I know the procedure is semi-permanent but am very happy with the results.  I would recommend Rebecca to my friends and family”.

Client who received a Body Art Tattoo

“I recently had some micro-pigmentation done by Rebecca Fisher. The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive. Rebecca has a beautiful, private and professional clinic, she was extremely attentive and communicative throughout the entire process. She swiftly managed to ease any underlying anxieties I had and her completed work was excellent, detailed and thorough. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca as a
micropigmentation artist, she was a joy to be treated by”.

Client who received Featherstroke Eyebrows and Eyeliner Tattoos

“I'm so happy with the work of Rebecca Fisher Micropigmentation.  Rebecca’s whole approach from consultation to final 'product' if you go through with it, is fantastic‪. Rebecca goes over and above her role to make you feel comfortable and aways wants what best for you. I was nervous for the first visit so a bit cautious, and Rebecca respected that. But I was very happy with the result. Now brave to be bold as I know things can 'tame' down a bit and loving it. Very happy and confident with Rebecca's work. I got Eyeliner done to today also! Fantastic lady with such a special talent on loads of fronts THANK YOU!!

Client who received Eyeliner tattoo

"I had my eye liner perfection visit today with Rebecca Fisher at her fabulous clinic. Perfection a good word to use. Rebecca is so diligent and patient aiming to make the look perfect. Never making you feel rushed or like a text book study. Rebecca truly makes the look about you and what you want, consulting with you along the way and offering her professional advice in such a genuine, knowledgeable way. THANK YOU so much for the great service."

Client who received Powdered Eyebrows

“I recently had some micro-pigmentation done by Rebecca Fisher. The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive. Rebecca has a beautiful, private and professional clinic, she was extremely attentive and communicative throughout the entire process. She swiftly managed to ease any underlying anxieties I had and her completed work was excellent, detailed and thorough. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca as a
micropigmentation artist, she was a joy to be treated by”.